2018….What are your plans?

It’s that time of the year where we all make New Year’s resolutions…..but like most, I find most of mine hard to keep.

Below are 5 resolutions I believe we can ALL accomplish!

  • Smile more
  • Be more positive
  • Listen more than you speak
  • Be more patient
  • Say thank you more

Life is fleeting and we spend so much time trying to speed it up.

  • By smiling more it not only helps to put us is a good mood, but a smile is infectious. It will cause others around you to smile.
  • By being more positive we can make our day better. We can not let the “obnoxious” or “ill-mannered” get the best of us. Just tell yourself, “Tomorrow is another day. Maybe this person is having a worse day than I am. Maybe I can smile and help them feel better.”
  • By listening more than we speak we can learn a lot. People around us can be very interesting and share stories, jokes, and helpful information. If we listen and then speak, we can not only help ourselves, but the one that is talking to us. Sometimes people just need to “get it out” and you are the one there to listen. Be kind and it will return to you.
  • Being more patient can be a difficult one. Whether we are stuck in heavy traffic, running late for an appointment, or feeling stressed with the day’s overload of tasks….take a deep breath! Or several, if needed.
  • Saying thank you is what our parent’s taught us. Doesn’t it feel good when someone tells you thank you? Try to recognize one person and day and just say “thank you”. It can help make their day brighter, and yours too.

Additional resolutions may be:

  • Advance your degree
  • Find balance between home and work
  • Strive for a healthier you (mind, body, and soul)
  • Visit new places. Whether in your own hometown or to your fantasy destination.
  • Learn a new skill
  • Learn to say “no” so your schedule is not on overload
  • Meet new people
  • Read more (have you tried audio books?)
  • Learn meditation and schedule time for it daily
  • Exercise daily, even just by taking a lunchtime walk
  • Get more sleep


At NHCS we realize that our HCPs work hard each day and we try to use social media as a means to post a weekly “thank you”. We know that your dedication, perseverance, and skills are truly helping others, and for that we feel thankful that you are part of our TEAM!

So….THANK YOU for all you do!

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