5 Tips for Eating Healthy

Simple tips we can all do for a healthier and happier “ME”.

  1. Eat whole foods
    By eating foods that are in their natural form and avoiding processed foods you will be putting the right vitamins, nutrients, and fiber in your body and keeping the bad things out (preservatives, chemicals, and added sugar).
  2. A healthy gut is a happy gut
    Probiotics can aid in digestion and create a good balance of healthy bacteria in your gut. Natural foods like yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, miso, and kimchi can help. Find our homemade kimchi and sauerkraut recipe here.
  3. Eliminate sugary drinks
    Soda, sweet tea, and even sports beverages may taste good but have excessive amounts of added sugar, salt, and calories. Try flavoring your own water with lemons, limes, oranges, mint, or even strawberries. Experiment to find the flavor you like the most. Not to mention, you will spend less money.
  4. Eat the rainbow
    Fruits and vegetables come in an array of colors. If you aren’t keen on some fresh or steamed veggies try adding them to soups and stews to make the taste more subtle. Fruits can be added to yogurt, oatmeal, and smoothies to add color and natural flavor.
  5. Less is more
    Portion size is one of the biggest problems we face today. Everything is “supersized” and “biggie” and we don’t realize how many calories we are actually eating. At home, place your food on your plate and go ahead and put away the rest for leftovers or tomorrow’s lunch. When dining out, ask that the cook place half the portion in a to-go container. Once again you will have lunch for tomorrow.

Always encourage yourself to try new foods and be creative with recipes. (We have many on this site to get your started). Remember to eat foods in their natural form and skip the fast food as much as possible.

Inspired by
Piedmont Newnan Hospital
The Shopper magazine
more info: The Rainbow Diet Food List

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