Benefits of the TJC Gold Seal of Approval

Benefits of the TJC Gold Seal of Approval

Benefits of the TJC Gold Seal of Approval include making our HCPs, clients, and their patients aware that we go above and beyond. Nationalhcs first earned the TJC gold seal of approval in healthcare staffing in 2010. We pride ourselves on continuing education, training, and internal audits of our staff. Every effort is made to provide quality HCPs who go through a thorough vetting and onboarding system.

Certification reduces risk

The Joint Commission’s (TJC) healthcare staffing services standards address areas of risk within a healthcare staffing company and helps put plans and policies in place that anticipate and minimize risk to our HCPs, clients, and their patients.

It is increasingly common for clients to ask about certification in RFPs and staffing agreements. Nationalhcs has earned the gold seal of approval as a healthcare staffing company and we understand the compliance and continuous improvement issues that our clients and HCPs expect and deserve.

Certification attracts the best staff

Earning the gold seal of approval shows our HCPs and clients that we are committed to quality. We are proud to have earned the Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval™, showing our HCPs and clients that we strive to attract and retain high-quality staffing personnel who are looking to work with a company that adheres to national standards.

Certification builds our business from the inside out

Joint Commission certification provides us with a rigorous framework that helps us to improve the way we measure and improve our internal procedures and processes. This gives us and our clients the confidence that we are following the best industry practices available to provide the highest quality HCPs to their patients.

Certification demonstrates a commitment to a higher standard of services

The Joint Commission gold seal is the standard in evaluation for the staffing industry. The Joint Commission is a name our clients know and trust. Voluntarily undergoing certification is a strong indicator that Nationalhcs meets or exceeds national consensus-based industry standards. In order for us to become certified by The Joint Commission, we had to undergo a voluntary on-site evaluation and continue to do so in order to maintain the gold seal. Compliance with the standards is intended to improve the quality of healthcare and increase patient safety. The certification review provides a comprehensive evaluation of key processes such as verifying the credentials and competencies of our HCPs.  Four areas are addressed: Leadership, Human Resource Management, Performance Measurement, and Continuous Improvement, and Information Management. 

Earning The Joint Commission gold seal of approval has been a positive force for improvement within Nationalhcs. Our ongoing audits and receipt of the gold seal allow us to continue to grow and become the best healthcare staffing company for our HCPs, our clients, and their patients. Benefits of the TJC Gold Seal of Approval are numerous and we continue to learn so we are the best at what we do!

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