Why Nationalhcs?


People and time are your most valuable assets.

That’s why it’s critical to partner with Nationalhcs. We have the technology and customized staffing solutions to quickly and accurately identify, screen, and staff HCPs who fit your facility.

Supplying our clients with the highest skilled HCPs is what we do best. We understand that establishing relationships and filling your vacancies is a high priority concern and we work diligently to find the best HCPs for your facility. Nationalhcs enjoys long-standing client relationships and services staffing agreements throughout the US. Working with Nationalhcs allows for access to our broad database of HCPs who are qualified and ready for assignment. Rely on our staffing solutions to provide you with unlimited HCPs who are skilled, motivated, and dedicated.

Whether long-term or short-term assignments or temp-to-hire, our account reps can assist in maintaining the highest level of patient care by providing HCPs who exceed in their positons. Whether you need an HCP to fill in for high patient volume, medical leave, flu season, vacations, or maternity leave, Nationalhcs can fill your vacancies smoothly and efficiently. Even those hard to fill permanent positions can utilize our HCPs until your HR is able to hire someone. When your facility is short staffed, contact Nationalhcs. Our database of HCPs is increasing daily, allowing us to find the best HCP for your facility. While advertising on some of the nation’s leading job boards and social media, we also receive many referrals. These referrals by our active HCPs allow us to continually update and add candidates to our database. And we all know the best form of advertising is referrals.

We know that our success depends on our ability to supply your facility with qualified and dedicated HCPs. Having earned The Joint Commission (TJC) gold seal of approval in healthcare staffing, we ensure that our screening and onboarding processes meet and exceed your standards. Our stringent credentialing process assures you get the highest qualified HCPs for your open positions.

  • Long-standing reputation attracts high quality HCPs.
  • Flexibility, speed, and access to talented HCPs from our ever-growing database.
  • Passionate commitment to customer service.
  • Credentialing and onboarding processes that exceed your expectations.
  • Our President will work with you through the contractural period and answer all questions, and you will be assigned a dedicated account representative who can focus on your staffing needs.
  • No fee to execute a staffing agreement. This allows Nationalhcs to be ready when you call so we can provide the HCPs you need with a quick turnaround time.
  • Placement of HCPs with strict adherence to TJC guidelines, as well as our own and your facility’s.
  • Reduction in paperwork, HR, and administrative costs.
  • No taxes, insurance, or payroll to deal with.
  • Performance Evaluations after 30 days and annually thereafter to ensure our HCPs are providing the best service possible to your staff and patients.
We work closely with our clients to ensure we match the right HCP to the right position…the first time!

There are no fees to our clients. Once contacted, our Vice President will work closely with you to answer all questions. There is no cost to complete and execute our Staffing Agreement. You may feel that you don’t need our services at this time…but why wait? Having an executed Staffing Agreement on file assures that when the need does arise, and you contact us, we can work quickly to fill your vacancies.

Our Vice President and Sr Talent Acquisition Specialist will stay in touch to assess your HCP staffing needs and requirements. As an active client, when you call, email, or submit your staffing requests through our website, we immediately work to find the best HCP to submit for your approval.

We work with you to understand your needs. We can provide per diem, contract, or temp-to-hire HCPs to your facility. We will work diligently to staff any last-minutes needs you may have.

Our Talent Acquisition Specialists are highly skilled in sourcing and discovering the top talent in the healthcare industry. Nationalhcs has access to candidates through many avenues and will work quickly to fill your vacancies/shortages. Our ability to attract top-notch HCPs assures quality care for your patients.

We understand that hiring and retaining qualified, dependable HCPs in this ever-changing business environment is expensive and time-consuming. We can ensure that you have clinical coverage when you need it, allowing you to be fully staffed while providing you the flexibility to adjust your workforce to meet your patient demand, improve your staff productivity, and maintain patient care levels. We save you the search, the time, the paperwork, and the cost!

Nationalhcs strives to hire the most Reliable and Committed HCPs in the industry. We take great pride in our stringent onboarding processes, even if it means turning candidates away. We also look for Compassionate and caring HCPs that are in this field because they love what they do. These traits help Nationalhcs stand out from the crowd. We will meet your needs with personalized solutions. Whether you are an HCP looking for help in meeting your career aspirations or a medical facility pursuing support in your staffing efforts, Nationalhcs is the right partnership for you.

Friendly, conscientious, dedicated… an indispensable business partner. That describes Nationalhcs and that’s how we’ve been doing business since we opened our doors. We strive to create lasting connections that make sense for both our HCPs and clients.

Let us answer your questions. Send us your inquiry today.

Helping you attract and retain top-notch, healthcare professionals, while maintaining the highest levels of patient care.

Let us answer your questions. Send us your inquiry today.