Sprouts? Did someone say 1960?

No, we are not going back in time to the ’60s, but sprouting has definitely become popular again.

We decided to eat more “greens” and wanted to incorporate some sprouts into our salads. To save money, and to know that my sprouts were natural, I decided to try SPROUTING.

Turns out it is very easy. I had some quart size, wide mouth mason jars on hand. I ordered two sprouting lids and some seeds from Amazon. And then I was ready!


  1. Place 3 T of seeds into your sprouting jar and add cool water to about 2 inches above the seeds. These seeds will grow into about 3 cups of sprouts.
  2. Let soak 12 hours, or overnight.
  3. After soaking, drain the water and rinse with clean cool water.
  4. After swirling around for about 30 seconds, drain the rinse water thoroughly. (Shake it to get the last of the water out).
  5. Turn right side up and set anywhere out of direct sunlight. I leave it setting on my kitchen counter so I can enjoy seeing the sprouts grow each day.
  6. Repeat the rinse/drain cycle every 12 hours for 4 days.
  7. After 4 days, rinse/drain, and enjoy! Refrigerate in the same jar.

Growth rates will depend on ambient air temperature. I found it easy to rinse/drain in the morning and again in the evening. Don’t worry if your timing goes longer than 12 hours. Just do it again as soon as you remember.

Sprouts are excellent in salads, on sandwiches and wraps, and even in stirfries.

These are the links to what I purchased: (I already had the mason jars)

Sprouting Lids                    Sprouting Seeds

If you try this, be sure to post a picture of your sprouts on our Facebook page and tell us what you think!

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