DIY – Hand Sanitizer Spray

There are plenty of hand sanitizers on the market. They come in spray, gel, and even lotion. But…have you ever looked at some of the ingredients?

Make your own homemade hand sanitizer and always have some “on hand”. You can get these items at most store including grocery, health food, pharmacy, and even retail and big box stores.



One 2-oz spray bottle (preferably dark in color to help preserve the oils)
One small funnel

1 teaspoon vegetable glycerin or jojoba oil
20 drops tea tree essential oil
20 drops lemon essential oil
Witch hazel (enough to fill remainder of bottle)


  • Place funnel in 2-oz spray bottle
  • Add first 3 items to spray bottle
  • Add witch hazel to fill bottle to almost full
  • Place spray top on bottle and shake

Thats it! Quick, simple, and natural ingredients.

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