DIY – Recycling Coffee Grounds

Do you love to garden and have an area at your home? Or maybe some small pots in the windowsill? Gardening is not only relaxing, but can provide free vegetables and herbs.

Try one, or all, of our DIYs for gardening with recycled coffee grounds.

  1. Add one-half cup of coffee grounds to a gallon bucket of water and allow mixture to brew overnight. Pour on plants as you would any plant fertilizer.
  2. Use grounds directly in your garden. Mix the grounds in the existing soil for lots of rich nutrients.
  3. Use grounds as a mulch, placing them on top of the soil to prevent weeds and help retain moisture. Grounds are also a great slug repellent.

If you are not a coffee drinker, check with your local coffee shop. They will be happy to “recycle” their used coffee grounds.

Inspired by
my own personal use of coffee grounds in the garden




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