Heat me up with rice socks!

We now know that heated blankets and heating pads release extremely high levels of EMFs (Electro Magnetic Fields). Anything that gives off electricity gives off EMFs, which have been proven to disrupt the body’s natural “flow” and can suppress the immune system. Rather than test this on yourself, try the rice sock method.


DIY Natural Heating Pad (rice socks)



Clean crew socks – Whether new or using that “lost partner” sock from the dryer.
(*May also use a tube sock (knee high) to make a longer “neck wrap” heating pad)
Organic rice – ~2 lbs (32 oz) per sock – Using organic assures you are not putting pesticide next to your body


  1. Roll top portion of crew sock down about 2 inches to create a thickness.
  2. Place funnel inside sock.
  3. Pour rice inside.
  4. Option: Add several drops of your favorite essential oil. I find eucalyptus or lavender work nicely.
  5. “Bounce” the sock a few times to help the rice settle, and continue filling the sock, leaving enough room to tie off the “crew” portion
  6. Tie a tight knot in the “crew” portion of the sock to tie off the top. (You can also sew the end closed or use a pretty ribbon to tightly knot around the top).

To Use

  1. Put in microwave for 1.5-2 minutes (depending upon your specific microwave strength).
  2. Before using be sure to test to assure it is not too hot.
  3. Optional: After heating, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the outside of the sock.


  1. Use on sore muscles.
  2. Use as a hand or foot warmer.
  3. Place beside a baby (or puppy or kitten) for warmth.

Simple. Easy. Natural.  Exactly the thing we as a healthcare staffing company like!
Always be sure to follow your physician’s advice.

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