Home Assessment Regarding Falls

No matter what age we are, we should always take time to evaluate our home for safety. Remember to assess the outside of your home also.

  • Do you use throw rugs and carpets? These can be a tripping hazard and in most instances should be removed.
  • Do you wear floppy slippers or a long bathrobe? Be sure all shoes have non-skid soles. Don’t wear shoes that are too large. Keep bathrobes above the ankles.
  • Clutter. So much today is talked about clearing the clutter. Be sure to keep only what you need and/or love. Be sure electrical cords are not stretched across the floor. Keep pathways clear.
  • Railings. Not only do you need railings for all stairs, but it is good to have them installed in the shower/bathroom area as well.
  • Lighting. Check regularly that all bulbs are working so your area will be bright. Use a small nightlight for times you must get up during the night.
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