How Prepared Are You?

Each September we recognize National Preparedness Month.  I was reminded of this when my granddaughter told me over the weekend that her school held a “lockdown” drill this past week. We wish it were a time when all we had to worry about in NC were hurricanes. Disasters come in many forms. Prepare now so you will be ready for any event.

NC’s five most destructive hurricanes, number 1 was the most devastating in NC.

  1. 1999 Hurricane Floyd
  2. 1996 Hurricane Fran
  3. 1954 Hurricane Hazel
  4. 1960 Hurricane Donna
  5. 1989 Hurricane Hugo

Take time to: 

  • learn CPR and first aid
  • check your insurance policies and coverage for hazards such as flood, earthquakes, and tornados.
  • have an emergency fund
  • know how to turn off your gas and water
  • establish a meeting place in case families are in separate areas
  • prepare an emergency kit filled with drinking water, food, extra meds, etc

Many devastating hurricanes and wildfires that have already happened throughout the U.S. this year.

We all hope we will never have to deal with a disaster. But being prepared can make us more confident.
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