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Is Nationalhcs Changing? You Bet!!

On March 4, 2018 National Health Care Solutions, LLC (Nationalhcs) and our sister company Professional Nursing Solutions, LLC (PNS) merged to become one company operating under the Nationalhcs name.

Are we changing? You bet!

Nationalhcs is adding new jobs and clients every day. From applications to inquiries, to company documents…..our website has everything you need.


Active HCPs
We have updated our website to allow access to our Active HCPs. This will give you access to your availability, schedules, demographics, company documents, blank timesheets, and more! If you have not signed a Database Access Form, please contact us at admin@Nationalhcs.com. Once completed you will receive notice that your account has been activated.

Active Clients
Active Clients can request access to our website to allow access to their scheduling calendars. This enables our clients to confirm that we have all their open positions filled. We have also included an Active Client Requests form to make it easier to request HCPs greater than 48 hours in advance. If needed sooner, we still request that we are contacted directly at 877.797.6427 so we can fill your staffing needs quickly and efficiently.

Looking for assignments via Nationalhcs? We have you covered! Not only are we listed on job boards and social media, but you can now apply quickly through our website. Go to our Job Search, “check” the discipline you are looking for or enter a location, and easily apply online! You can also contact us directly via our Contact page.


Looking to use our staffing services for the first time, or in the future? Be prepared by contacting us now. Our staffing agreements are simple, straightforward, and no cost to you. If we don’t find you the perfect candidate, there is no cost to you! Complete our online Inquiry and let us get you started.


Gone are the days of completing paper documents. Nationalhcs is totally digital making your vetting and onboarding process a breeze. We will send all documents to you via Adobe Sign, ensuring each document is properly completed and signed and that you immediately receive an executed copy. Other vetting items such as References, Immunizations, and identification can be sent to us at Admin@Nationalhcs.com. Working with electronic signatures and digital files allows us to meet all HIPPA guidelines and keep your information safe.


Using our new and improved tracking system we are able to notify you of your certifications/licenses, immunizations, and other documents expiration dates. By notifying you in advance, you never have to worry about expiration dates and the possibility of not being able to work because of an expired item.


If you submit your own timesheet the process has been made easier. Just take a picture of your timesheet and email it to Timesheet@Nationalhcs.com.  This gives you documentation that you sent your timesheet in on time (before noon each Monday) or feel free to call us at 877.797.6427  to confirm receipt. Forgot to make a copy of your blank timesheet for next week? No problem. Just login as an Active HCP and print blank timesheets, examples, and more.

Our recruiters, administrative staff, and Director of Operations are available to assist you in finding your next career move, or your next exceptional HCP for your patients. We provide per diem, contract, and temp-to-hire positions.

Whether an HCP or Client…check out our website today and use our new resources for a faster, easier process.


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