Reliable. Committed. Compassionate.

Nationalhcs appreciates our HCPs and offers a wide range of benefits including healthcare reimbursement, matching 3% 401-K, and vacation pay. Our caring and experienced Talent Acquisition Specialists identify your personal and professional needs to find the best opportunity for you. Our goal is to provide you with excellent service to ensure your assignments meet all your needs and provide a memorable experience.

We also know that our HCPs are our biggest asset and we want to go beyond just offering you a great assignment and keeping you working. Some of our many benefits are listed below to provide you with the incentives to keep you with Nationalhcs long-term!

Nationalhcs always strives to provide the best benefits to its HCPs. While benefit packages are ever-changing, please check with your Talent Acquisition Specialist if you have a specific question regarding a benefit. You will also be given your benefits package at time of onboarding. Some of our benefits are for those HCPs listed as W-2 employee and do NOT extend to 1099 contractors. Should you have any questions regarding this, please contact your Talent Acquisition Specialist.

  • Guaranteed Pay: No risk of reduced pay due to low facility census. Nationalhcs offers competitive salaries for your exceptional skills. We guarantee pay for the number of hours you’ve agreed to work in your assignment, regardless of changing facility needs due to low census.
  • Competitive Pay: Hourly rates will vary depending on your specialty and location. Nationalhcs strives to match or beat our competitor’s rates.
  • Professional Liability & Workers Compensation Insurance: You are covered from your first day of service under our professional liability and workers comp insurance policy, at no charge to you. (Note: This benefit does not extend to 1099 contractors).
  • 401-K Retirement Plan: After ninety (90) days of active employment, each active HCP will be entitled to sign up for our retirement plan. For each HCP working a minimum of 128 hours per calendar month, Nationalhcs will make a matching contribution on each paycheck equal to 100% of your contributions (up to 3%). This matching is 100% immediately vested, meaning that the money belongs to you from your first payroll deposit (after joining the retirement plan). What a great way to plan for your future, and to earn free money with the company match incentive. (Note: This benefit does not extend to 1099 contractors).
  • Healthcare Reimbursement: After ninety (90) days of active employment, each active HCP will be entitled to up to $250.00 per month reimbursement for his/her personal healthcare insurance premium with the following stipulations:
    1. HCP must work a minimum of 128 hours per calendar month. Failure to do so will result in NO reimbursement for that month.
    2. HCP must submit, during the first week of each calendar month, a PAID BILL from a valid insurance company (e.g., Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, United Healthcare). This must be emailed to
    3. Personal healthcare insurance must be issued in the HCP’s name, or their spouse. No benefit will be given for any employer issued policy.
    4. Note: This benefit does not extend to 1099 contractors.
  • Vacation: You will receive one (1) week vacation after each 2,000 hours of service within an 18-month period. After reaching each 2,000 hours, your next payroll cycle will include an additional 40 hours pay (based on your average hourly rate). You may then choose to actively take one (1) week off, or not. You will automatically receive pay as specified above, whether time is actively taken off or not.  (Note: This benefit does not extend to 1099 contractors).
  • Sick Leave: At this time HCPs do NOT receive sick leave. (Note: This benefit does not extend to 1099 contractors).
  • Holidays: Holidays are specific to the facility where you are assigned. Your Talent Acquisition Specialist will be happy to provide details. (Note: This benefit does not extend to 1099 contractors).
  • Holiday Pay: Holidays worked are paid at a rate of 1.5 times your regular hourly rate of pay. (Note: This benefit does not extend to 1099 contractors).
  • Sign-on Bonus: Many of our assignments include a sign-on bonus, depending upon the client and location of your assignment.
  • Completion Bonus: Many of our assignments include a completion bonus, depending upon the client and the length of your assignment.
  • Referral Bonus Program: Put extra cash in your pocket when you refer a friend or colleague. There is no limit to the amount of money you can earn from this program. The more people you refer who complete the program requirements…the more extra cash you can earn. Check out our Referral Bonus Program, or inquire for more details from your Talent Acquisition Specialist.
  • Weekly Direct Deposit: Nationalhcs will deposit your weekly paycheck to your existing bank account, so you are not waiting for your money…your money is waiting for you.
  • Competitive Jobs: We post our current job availability in real-time, so the sooner you apply for a position the sooner you will be contacted.
  • Flexible Assignments: Select when and where you want to work.
  • Healthcare Professional Support: We pride ourselves in being a customer service driven company. Nationalhcs understands that you are our biggest asset, so while YOU care for patients, Nationalhcs cares for YOU. You can rest easy knowing you can speak to a Nationalhcs Team Member 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year (24/7/365).
  • Monitoring of Documentation: We monitor your certification/licensure, immunizations, and more. We will notify you thirty (30) days prior to expiration allowing you time to complete necessary items and submit them to us for verification, with no lapse in assignment.
  • General Leave of Absence: Should you need to take time off after an assignment, just contact us as soon as possible. We will work with you upon your return to either return you to your same assignment or find another that matches your needs and qualifications.
  • Training and Development: Gain hands-on experience and learn new skills while working in your dream position.
  • Personal Service: Experienced staff to help you with every step.
    • Each candidate is assigned a Talent Acquisition Specialist who will work with you from first contact through onboarding, ensuring you have all documents completed and all questions answered. We strive to make your onboarding experience as easy as possible.
    • Before onboarding, we make sure all your questions are answered. You will be provided information on your assignment and its specific details.
    • After onboarding, our staff will monitor your required document expiration dates and will notify you well in advance so that you can comply with all requirements.
  • Satisfaction: We will help you achieve a satisfying career by pairing you with a facility you are most qualified for, the first time. You may be working at a facility on a temporary basis, but at Nationalhcs you are part of our permanent TEAM.