Nationalhcs always strives to provide the best benefits to its HCPs.

While benefit packages are ever-changing, please check with your Talent Acquisition Specialist if you have a specific question regarding a benefit,  to discuss CURRENT packages offered, and to answer eligibility questions.


Definition of Full-time vs Part-time Personnel

Full-time: Any active Personnel who works an average of thirty (30) hours per week per calendar month -OR- a total of one hundred twenty (120) hours per calendar month.

Part-time: Any active Personnel who DOES NOT work an average of thirty (30) hours per week per calendar month -OR- a total of one hundred twenty hours (120) hours per calendar month.

 Note that Part-time W-2 Employees, and Full-time or Part-time 1099 Contractors are not eligible for some benefits. 

Your Talent Acquisition Specialist can address any questions and eligibility requirements.

  • Competitive Pay 
  • Professional Liability & Workers Compensation
  • Medical, Dental, Vision, Short-term Disability, Whole Life
  • 3% Matching Retirement Plan (Simple IRA)
  • Vacation (note that Sick Leave is NOT offered at this time)
  • Bonus Opportunities
  • Referral Program
  • Monitoring of Documentation 
  • Weekly Direct Deposit
  • Competitive Jobs 
  • Healthcare Professional Support 

Each candidate is assigned a Talent Acquisition Specialist who will work with you from first contact through onboarding, ensuring you have all documents completed. We strive to make your onboarding experience as easy as possible.

Before onboarding, we make sure all your questions are answered. Your TAS  will provide information on your assignment and its specific details. After onboarding, our staff monitors your required document expiration dates and will notify you well in advance so that you can comply with all requirements.

Satisfaction: We will help you achieve a satisfying career by pairing you with a facility you are most qualified. You may be working at a facility temporarily, but at Nationalhcs, you are part of our permanent team.

Reliable. Committed. Compassionate.