Why Nationalhcs?

Whether you are a career HCP or just starting out, Nationalhcs provides the versatility and challenges that healthcare professionals thrive on. Our exceptional standard of service, competitive pay, and benefits make us one of the top healthcare staffing companies, and it’s what keeps our HCPs working with Nationalhcs!

  1. Per Diem: Offering you the most flexibility.
  2. Assignment: Offering you renewable long-term or short-term assignments.
  3. Temp-to-Hire: Offering you the opportunity to work for a facility and determine if you would like a permanent placement position.
Most positions offer renewable assignments, allowing you and the facility to learn and understand what is required in a position. You are able to become familiar with the facility layout, requirements, staff, and operations…which in turn allows you to excel even more in your position.

With our renewable assignments ranging from 8 to 26 weeks (depending upon facility needs), you can choose to work full-time or part-time. If you accept an assignment and want to continue working, you may be in a renewable assignment position. If not, we can work to place you in another challenging and rewarding area with your next assignment. Want to take time off after an assignment? No problem. Just notify us as soon as you know the time period, and we can place you on “hold” until you decide to come back. If your position is no longer available, we will work to place you in an equally challenging position, either at your same facility or a different location, depending on client needs.

Our dedicated team of Talent Acquisition Specialists focuses on matching your talents with the perfect facility for your requirements. We utilize the latest technology and advertising to streamline our recruiting and onboarding processing.

Nationalhcs appreciates our HCPs and offers a wide range of benefits. Visit our Benefits page for detailed information.

Nationalhcs is an Equal Opportunity Employment company. Although pay rates are determined by many factors, we are committed to paying equitably for equal work and experience.

Reliable. Committed. Compassionate.