Let us be your memory

How many times have you put something on your calendar, and then forgot to look at your calendar?

How many times have you needed to renew your certification/license, immunizations, HIPPA, and more but couldn’t find the paperwork?



One of the major benefits we offer our HCPs is monitoring of documentation.

We monitor each of our HCPs’ certification/licensure, immunizations, and more. We will notify you thirty (30) days prior to expiration allowing you time to complete necessary items and submit them to us for verification, with no lapse in your assignment.

Thirty (30) days notice should allow ample time to renew any items nearing expiration. Once you receive proof/documentation that you have renewed please send us a pdf document or even take a clear, precise picture taken with your phone. You may then email this to us at admin@Nationalhcs.com

Thanks for helping the Nationalhcs office run smoothly!

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