Mother Knows Best

Motherism: The use of words that only a mother would use when talking or referring to her children.

No matter where or when you grew up, you are likely to relate to the advice and admonishments mothers frequently voice when parenting. See if these classic, and sometimes comical, “motherisms” sound familiar.

  • Eat your vegetables, they’re good for you.
  • Put that down, you don’t know where it’s been.
  • If everyone else jumped off a cliff would you do it too?
  • Don’t do as I say, do as I do.
  • Don’t read in the dark.
  • Turn the music down.
  • Not till you’ve had your dinner.
  • When you are older.
  • Brush your teeth.
  • Comb your hair.
  • Don’t sit so close to the tv.
  • My Johnny is an Einstein.

Do you have any favorites???

Happy Mother’s Day to all!

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