Neck and back problems? Are you a “?” or an “!”

Most of us are spending too much time looking down at our cell phones and staring at our computer screens.

Is your body turning in to a question mark?

You know the signs. Shoulders bowing forward or pinching towards your ears, concave ribcage, neck strained from looking down too much, even elbow pain.  All a sign that you could need a break from too much technology.

Whole body slouch….

Get up from your desk or any sitting position and walk around for 5 minutes. Bend over and touch your toes, support your back at your hips and do a slight backbend.

Shoulders and ribcage….

Sit up straight, stretch your arms out to each side, and pretend you are trying to reach the wall with your hands. Then, move your arms slightly backward to open your chest. You can even let your head roll back for a deeper stretch.

Neck strain….

Looking down at a screen can overstretch your neck muscles and shorten others. Sit back and nod your head up and down a few times, then from side to side a few times, and finish by rolling your head in complete circles – first one way and then the opposite.  If you are able to lie down (even on the floor for a few minutes), put a neck pillow, foam roller, or even a rolled towel under your neck so that your head leans back slightly. Try to stay in this position at least 5 minutes.

Also, remember to breathe. Not only will this help with body slouch, but also with any stress from the day. Breathe in deeply through your nose for 6 counts and exhale deeply through your nose for 6 counts. During lunch, go for a quick walk. Even 10 minutes can refresh your body and help that question mark turn into an exclamation mark!

Inspired by
Marie Claire magazine
The Dallas Morning News
Medical News Today



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