Be Prepared When Working With Your Recruiter

Nationalhcs can assist you in finding your dream job.

Our healthcare recruiters are ready to assist you every step of the way. We have a database of new job positions that can help you work where and when you want. Positions listed on our Job Search are ever-changing and we encourage you to check back often.

When you begin working with our recruiters they will explain the on-boarding process and what will be expected from you.

Be Prepared

During initial contact we will need for you to be prepared to explain your previous experience and background. If you have visited our website and see a specific job post that interests you, be sure to let our recruiters know. Also, if you have not completed the online application, please do so. Whether we match you with a current listing, or a future listing, you will be prepared by already being in our system. This allows us to contact you when that perfect position becomes available. Have your identification and social security card/passport available so we can receive copies of them. Also, immunizations, licensure/certification, and other vetting documents will be needed. Be prepared by having these items in easy access for your on-boarding.

Show Enthusiasm

Our recruiters are busy working with candidates all day long. We strive to make your on-boarding process easy, quick., and personal. When we specify that certain documents are needed by a certain timeframe, please be sure to get them in on time. Often filling positions for facilities have a certain deadline. The sooner we have all of your documents, the sooner we can present you as a candidate. Use your interest and enthusiasm to your advantage and work closely with your recruiter, enabling you to begin your position sooner.

Demonstrate Flexibility

As you begin working with your recruiter, make it clear that you are flexible for interviews. If you are currently employed, make yourself available before and after hours or during lunch time. For telephone interviews, be prepared to take the call in an appropriate location. Remove yourself from all noises and distractions and maintain complete focus on the phone call.


Whether in person or over the phone, be sure to smile. Yes, smiles can be “heard” in your tone. A good reason to smile is that you know Nationalhcs is here to work with you in a timely manner to get you started as quickly as possible.


Working with your recruiter is just like any other job interview. Be prepared, show enthusiasm, ask questions, and provide documentation in a timely manner. Our recruiters will work hard for you.

Contact us today, or even better, complete our online application. We will begin working immediately to find your dream job and welcome you as a member to the Nationalhcs Team!


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