Safety and Technology

The dictionary defines safety as” the condition of being protected from or unlikely to cause danger, risk, or injury”. A synonym of safety is security. And with security comes many images of your computer crashing.

Ever had your computer crash, or hacked by a virus. Use these helpful tips to add some security to your life

  1. Backup your computer. With the many cloud-based systems available it is now easier to make a backup of your files. Check out,, Google Cloud, iCloud, Carbonite….just to name a few. Not only are your important documents needing to be backed up, but your precious photos are something you don’t want to lose.
  2. Go digital. In a world being flooded with paper documents, it is good to know we can go digital and save some trees. It can also reduce our stress levels due to seeing the many piles of paper clutter around our home or office. You can also use one of the many apps that will create a pdf file of your documents (examples: Scanner Pro, Adobe Scan, Smart Doc Scanner). As for physical keepsakes that you don’t necessarily want to keep but want to remember…take a picture. This will allow you to keep the memories without the clutter.
  3. Online Banking. With the newest technology and secure bank sites, you can do all of your banking online. Snap photos of checks to deposit, pay bills as they arrive, set up automatic payments. Most banks now offer these secure transactions.
  4. Security of your online information. Be sure to set up difficult passwords for your files, computer, phone, and tablets. You can even purchase an external drive or flash drive that can now have a password coded in. There are apps that even help you establish that difficult password (1Password, LastPass, Keeper Password Manager, Dashline Password Manager). You can also set your own passwords using upper case, lower case, numbers, and symbols. Remember not to write them down and leave them in your desk drawer, nightstand, or wallet. Keep them locked up for added security. No matter how you set a password, just be sure you do.

Technology has given us ways to correspond, keep track of our to-do list, always have our calendar with us, and even read books and play games. It even allows us to look up items in an instant and to purchase instantly. No matter how great the technology, be sure to add some security.

In no way does Nationalhcs recommend any of the items listed. These are strictly recommendations with good reviews. Please do your own research to find the best software/app for you.

Inspired by:
North Scottsdale Lifestyle magazine
my own experience in losing data

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