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Staff Spotlight on Isabel Jamal

Get to know the Nationalhcs staff…..

Work Bio

Isabel Jamal is a Talent Acquisition Specialist (TAS) for National Health Care Solutions, LLC (Nationalhcs). Isabel seeks and qualifies healthcare professionals (HCPs) to fill temporary job openings within a client facility. She collects and reviews applicant resumes and submits candidates whose profiles meet specific skillsets, criteria, and checklists predetermined by client facilities. Isabel is responsible for coordination with the Interim Director of Operations (IDOO) for all HCP acquisition activity and functions including daily monitoring of job-boards, vetting of applicants, and onboarding of candidates.She is liaison between client and candidates until on-boarding is complete. Isabel began at PNS/Nationalhcs in 2016 as Administrative Assistant, continued as On-call Specialist while getting her degree at UNC Wilmington, and is currently serving as TAS.

Five fun facts

We asked Isabel to tell us 5 facts about herself that we may not know.

  • I recently graduated from UNCW.
  • I have 3 cats.
  • I visited India last year with my husband (The Taj Mahal was beautiful).
  • I am a pescatarian.
  • I take ballet classes in my spare time.

Isabel Jamal

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