Get to know the Nationalhcs Staff

Staff Spotlight on Linda Chiles

Get to know the Nationalhcs staff…..

Work Bio

Linda Chiles is Vice President for National Health Care Solutions, LLC (Nationalhcs). Linda works closely with the CEO and CFO to brainstorm for the growth of the company. She oversees the daily office activities through the Interim Director of Operations (IDOO). Linda has implemented a project management system for all areas of the company to ensure organization, timely response, and thorough communication are a priority. In addition, she oversees the duties of the Director of Regulatory Compliance position, including mentoring the Assistant Director of Operations (ADOO) in all TJC requirements. Linda has a working knowledge of the entire business and handles all contractural areas with our clients.

Five fun facts

We asked Linda to tell us 5 facts about herself that we may not know.

  • I have 2 sons, and 3 lovable (at times – smile) grandchildren.
  • I have a 1.5 year old Havanese dog, named Havana.
  • I have traveled to all but 13 states and the rest are on my bucket list.
  • I enjoy hot yoga, pilates, and hiking.
  • I would love to hike at Machu Picchu, Peru.

—Linda Chiles

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