Super Foods for your meal planning

Not only can these foods help keep your blood sugar levels in check, but they are overall smart choices for overall health.


Melon and berries. Mix your favorites with yogurt, drop some in water, or freeze for smoothies.

Colorful vegetables. Choose low-carb veggies including mushrooms, onions, eggplant, tomato, brussels sprouts, and squash. You can eat them raw, cooked, or roasted. Not only good in salads, but you can roast them in the oven for a healthy chip snack.

Flavored water. Instead of sugary drinks but up some lemon, lime, cucumber, or mint and place in your water for a refreshing beverage.

High-fiber foods. Put away the bread and have a serving of dried beans, peas, or lentils. You can even make a black bean and corn salsa to serve with raw veggies.

Good fat. Good choices include olive oil, avocados, and salmon. Use them on your salads to omit the dressings.

Protein. You don’t have to eat red meat to get your protein. Great examples are Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, eggs, peanut butter, beef jerky, and almonds.

As in our recent meal planning post, try to incorporate these into your daily meals for a healthier YOU!


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