Valaria Perry

Assistant Director of Operations

Valaria is the Assistant Director of Operations (ADOO) with National Health Care Solutions, LLC (Nationalhcs). She began working with PNS/Nationalhcs in 2017 and works closely with the Director of Operations (DOO) to provide ongoing support in all aspects of day-to-day activities. Valaria performs a wide array of tasks that can change daily, which provides vital links between HCPs, clients, and staff. As ADOO, she works closely with all staff regarding daily operations (e.g., scheduling, onboarding, HR). The ADOO is familiar with all office departmental functions and knows how all pieces fit together to ensure the office runs smoothly. Ms. Perry performs the duties of Director of Regulatory Compliance as she oversees, audits, and maintains our TJC gold seal of approval in healthcare staffing. She works closely with all staff regarding payroll, invoicing and the daily operations (e.g., scheduling, onboarding, HR, recruiting).