Welcome to the First NHCS News Post

WELCOME to the first “News” post on our new National Health Care Solutions, LLC website.

As many of you know and have received, we began our company newsletter in January 2017. Our goal is to still send a periodic newsletter containing great content, monthly promotions, reminders, office policies and procedures, as well as other useful and fun information. Our second goal, with this News section of our website, is to post company related articles, health issues, recipes, and inspiration. We are taking steps to prioritize our HCPs and staff well-being.

We feel it is important to stay in touch with our HCPs and clients. Communication is the key to understanding our clients needs, which in turn, enables us to find the right HCP for a position…the first time.

We hope you enjoy this NEWS section. If you would like to see a particular topic, use the Contact section of our website to submit your ideas.

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